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The basic premise of the Shita-kiri Suzume is a morality fable similar to those found all over the world. If you are kind, you will be rewarded. If you are greedy, you will be punished. And it tells this story with sparrows.

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You find yourself alone in a small wooden one-room cabin with no doors. There are screens all around you, and one window— a small, high-up window through which you can see light and moving shadows. These aren't the thick, unsettling shadows of the Darkness, however; these are shadows like someone is moving beyond the room you're in. Someone— somewhere—

There is also a small wooden table.

Images start to appear on the screen. Knowledge starts to speak in your head. It's not words, precisely, but it feels almost like someone is talking to you. You cannot hear their words, but you can understand what they mean. Even if you cannot see, the scene is clear in your mind, as is the question asked.

There are to be five questions. Five scenarios. You must listen to each and come up with an answer, then speak it back and move on to the next one. When you are done, or if you refuse to answer, you will be released.

This is not a trap. This is a question. (Is this a trap?)
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Questions about the game go here! Be aware, answers may be vague, since half the fun is how you choose to interpret any of it. And these questions are OOC; IC questions will be met with complete silence.
When you first join the game, please comment to the SIGN-IN comment under your team header to get your first seven cards and qualify for memories.
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